Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi, and welcome to the Learn for Life website.  My name is Carol Casey.  I have recently completed a BA in Adult Education and am keen to integrate it with my personal and professional experience by putting it to work.  My background is in health care where I have developed and implemented training and educational materials.  I also identify as a poet, nurse, partner, mother and doting grandmother. I live in Blyth, Ontario, Canada, near beautiful Lake Huron with my husband, a large garden, walls of books and my mac laptop. I am a lifelong learner, and also passionate about helping others to learn.

What I offer

Lots of Learning Going on Here

I must tell you that setting up this website and going digital is a steep learning curve.  You can help me by providing feedback:
  • What works/doesn’t work for you about the website, the courses, the blog content?  
  • What are your learning needs?
  • How can I assist you in meeting them?
  • Lets start a conversation where together we create meaning from experience.
Thank-you for taking the time to read all this.  Your presence on my website makes it all worthwhile.  I’m so glad you are here.


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