Learning is for Life, So Why a Website?

Learning is for Life, So Why a Website?

Hi there.  This is my first blog.  It is meant to be a short introduction to my website, learnforlifepotential.com, and newsletter.  In future blogs I will be exploring aspects of learning that interest me.  They will sometimes, but not always, relate to my workshop content.  As I get to know you, I also hope to explore what interests you-especially the interests you and I have in common.

What is Learning?

Lately I have been redefining, for myself, the term, “learning”- finding a new place for it in my firmament of priorities, and therefore, looking at it with new respect. To me, learning is not something we do primarily in classrooms or courses.  It is an integral thread in the fabric of our lives, every day, all day that keeps us alive, and keeps us sane (or as sane as possible in a crazy world).  It is a constant, closely related to change, and growth, it happens every time we speak with someone; each time we make a mistake; any time we want to be better.

Okay, so that’s my idea of what learning does.  But what, exactly is it? The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition goes:

the activity or process of gaining knowledge or skill by studying, practicing, being taught, or experiencing something”. 

That definition hits a lot of the bases, but it does not describe the magical, enchanting, absorbing quality that learning has taken on for me.  I found this definition in a blog by Connie Malamed :

“We define learning as the transformative process of taking in information that—when internalized and mixed with what we have experienced—changes what we know and builds on what we do. It’s based on input, process, and reflection. It is what changes us.”                                                                                                                 From The New Social Learning by Tony Bingham and Marcia Conner.

This definition goes beyond simply gaining knowledge or skillIt speaks of change–of transformation, and the process that we undergo to get there.  Thus, it gets a bit closer to my meaning, and what I want to explore in my weekly blogs.

Quality and Learning

I once had a conversation with a colleague who was passionate about quality.  His face glowed as he talked about it.  He spoke of it with deep respect, even reverence.  I realized that I felt much the same way about learning.  We both regarded our respective topics more as a way of life, a philosophy to live by, than a workplace tool or productivity strategy.  It struck me that learning, as a verb, complemented quality, as a noun.  We had the same objective- to make things better.  If you add a moral compass, then both are about becoming, ultimately, a better human being.

Why this Website?

So, if learning takes place everywhere and is so immanently available, why have courses and a website that promotes them?  Good question.  I have been asking myself that as I struggle to set my business and my website up.  My answer is: just because eating is integral and necessary does not mean that there should not be restaurants, or for that matter cooking courses.  So, fellow pilgrims (or should I say, diners), please feel welcome to visit my website .  Check out the menu and see if anything appeals to your palate.  If you do not see what you need or want, please let me know, for the menu can and will be changing in response to feedback.

Let’s Start a Conversation

Learning is most enjoyable in reciprocity, so as I share with you, please share your own experiences with me- e.g., what does it mean to you?  What learning experiences have been formative, transformative, pivotal for you?  Any thoughts you have on the subject are welcome.  You can enter your comments below, or write to me on my Contact page.